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We specialise in providing the right Concrete Boom and Line Pumps for your needs…

From small Line Pumps…

concrete boom pump hire brisbane

up to 50m Boom Pumps.


Concrete Boom Pump Hire up to 50m


Experienced Operators


Ground slabs






Swimming Pool Shaping




Retaining Walls


High Rise Pumping


Water Tank Spraying

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extended boom pump
boom pump
boom pump
boom pump
pool spraying

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Customers Prepare for Concrete Pumping?

Be prepared and organised, to ensure that the machines have clear access. The faster the Pumps can gain access and start pumping, the more money you save!

Try to be as accurate as possible with all distances/site information – this will greatly help the planning for the Job.

What Information Do You Need For A Quote?

For us to provide an accurate quote, it helps to know the following:

  • Type of Job (ie. slab, driveway,patio,pool etc..)
  • Type of Access to the Site
  • Distance from the Road/Solid ground
  • Type of ground – Flat, Incline, Hilly site etc..
  • Size of the Area to be Pumped

This information will greatly help to us to give you the best quote and equipment to meet your needs.

What Things Should I Consider When Choosing a Concrete Pump Service?

Experience in the Concrete Pumping field, and experience with the particular job/pumps required is a must.

When you are paying for Concrete Pumping services, a substance that hardens very quickly – you want to know that you have the right expertise on the job!



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